"Airspec" and "Aviation Ground Services" (AGS) occupy the same premises at the south end of Wellington Airport. AGS provides maintenance support for "Airspec" as well as equipment support for all the major airlines. Being central, most of the airports are one flight away. Approximately 15 staff are employed including contractors in Auckland and Chirstchurch. Six of these staff are technicians holding electrical certification and maintain/repair/overhaul the "Ground Power Units" on behalf of "Airspec".

Airspec can provide the following services:

-Service and Repair all types of aircraft power units-Ground Power Units AC and DC, from 7.5 to 180kVA
-AC diesel and mains powered 10-200kVA-Baggage Barrows
-DC Diesel and mains powered 300-2000 amp for starting-Electric Utility vehicles (Golfcarts)
-Manufacture aircraft power cables. AC and DC.-Sales of Aircraft GPU's and associated equipment
-Lease equipment