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AIRSPEC (NZ) LTD is an authorized distributor and service agent for:

  • ITW Group, supplying GPU's, PCA's, Cables and Accessories.
  • LPA Group, supplying aircraft connectors, cables and Crocodiles.

All product specifications can be found using the links provided at the top.

NOTE: The names Hobart, AXA, Trilectron, J & B Aviation and Houchin are now marketed under the name ITW.

ITW 1400: 28.5 VDC Mains Powered Portable GPU

The ITW GSE 1400 is a small, light and easy maneuverable solid-state GPU that does not take up much space neither in mobile nor in the fixed version. This unit is ideal for all DC powered commercial aircraft operating on a ramp or in a hangar.

ITW 2400: Compact Mains Powered GPU

The world's most Unique GPU provides

  • 400% Overload
  • Unique Voltage Quality
  • Clean Input Power

The 2400 compact GPU is the safe choice for the supply of modern aircraft. As the only GPU in the market, it has 400% overload at output! Also, it provides 90 kW continuous at an ambient temperature of 56℃.

The AXA 2400 Compact is equipped with the patented Plug & Play system. Therefore, you experience an outstanding voltage quality at the aircraft plug. This is what matters and what makes your aircraft accept the voltage from the GPU.

The Plug & Play means that the AXA 2400 Compact fulfils the stringent requirements of most installations as it compensates for long symmetrical output cables, unbalanced loads as well as various power factors.

The magnetic wave-shaping topology ensures a clean input power with a unity power factor and a current THD less than 5%.

ITW 2400: Compact Powercoil

The 2400 Coil GPU includes a 400 Hz, 90 kVA power supply and a cable coil in one single enclosure, leaving the PBB and the apron pleasant to look at.

ITW 4400: 400Hz Trailer Mounted GPU

The 4400 series is available with a Cummins Tier 3 or Tier 4 engine so that no matter where you are located, we have a 400 Hz mobile driven GPU to meet your needs.

ITW 6400: 28.5 VDC Engine Drive Trailer Mounted GPU

The 6400 JetEx® 8 mobile diesel-driven 28VDC GPU offers the same quality and reliability that JetEx® owners have become accustomed to. The low-profile design, combined with our rugged 5th wheel steering, provides superior visibility and maneuverability in today's congested ramp areas.

The 6400 series offers the following benefits:

  • Reliable ITW GSE AC generator
  • Low noise design
  • Superior voltage regulation
  • Engine power/speed varies according to load requirements. (Fuel Saving)

ITW 7400 eGPU 400Hz Battery Powered

Airports all over the world are beginning to think greener. And more and more airports are interested in reducing their environmental impact. Often the world's largest airports are located next to major cities that are growing in line with global trends, meaning cities and airports are coming into ever-closer contact. This leads to stricter requirements in terms of the emissions local governments can and will accept.

To support the green airports and a better working environment for the airport staff, we are introducing the ITW GSE 7400 battery-powered GPU. A unit that will help airports reduce their carbon foot print, replacing their diesel-powered GPUs by clean eGPUs.

ITW GSE 140/180CU20 400 Hz Trailer Mounted GPU

EPA Tier 3 / Carb Tier 3 / EU Stage IIIA. Suitable for all large commercial aircraft including and approved by Boeing for the starting of the B787-900 series aircraft.

ITW GSE 3400 Bridge Mounted PCA

Bridge/Ground and Mobile Pre-Conditioned Air for all sizes of aircraft. ITW GSE is a trustworthy partner designing and optimizing GSE equipment. We also have strong expertise within cooling technology.

The ITW GSE 3400 PCA is innovative, reliable and environmentally friendly. It supplies fresh, clean air into parked aircraft at carefully monitored temperatures and provides a pleasant atmosphere for the crew and the passengers. It also makes aircraft turn-around faster and more effective.

The point-of-use 3400 PCA is the market's only true modular PCA (patented). It is designed around identical cooling modules that can easily be swapped by a technician with no special skills and in 20 minutes only. This smart and innovative PCA is available in the following models: 130 kg/min & 210 kg/min.

LPA AC & DC Aircraft Connectors

A large variety of aircraft connectors with options to meet all requirements. We can also manufacture aircraft leads to your requirements.

LPA Crocodile Cable Carrier

Reduces the effort of dragging heavy cables across the tarmac with the risk of injury.

MIDAC Batteries (Airport Equipment)


AIRSPEC (NZ) LTD is able to supply used ground equipment for purchase. These products have been checked and fully tested by our experienced technicians and are in high quality working order. They come with a 3 month warranty on parts and labour. (NZ only)

We currently have Hobart 28VDC T/R GPU's Models GPU400 and 600. Maximum 2000A starting 600A Continuous. Depending on requirements prices are NZS$8,000 - NZ$12,000 ready to go.


AIRSPEC (NZ) LTD is able to supply ground equipment for short or long term lease. These products fully supported and maintained by AIRSPEC (NZ) LTD nationwide and in the South Pacific.

For further information on the equipment above, please contact agsltd@airspec.co.nz